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Publication : L’amour de la justice, de la Septante à Thomas d’Aquin

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L’amour de la justice, de la Septante à Thomas d’Aquin

Anne-Isabelle Bouton-Touboulic (textes réunis et édités par), Editions Ausonius, coll. Scripta Antiqua 103; 2017. 373 p.

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« This volume contains twenty two papers dedicated to ancient and medieval representations of justice, from the Septuagint to Thomas of Aquinas. It examines how authors of the Early Christianity, using biblical meanings of justice, have modified conceptual frame and sociopolitical pratice bound to the idea of justice. It explores over a long period the evolution of the various facets of this notion, understood both as an individual virtue and as an ethical ideal, but also as a political value embodied in laws, rules and institutions. To measure the contribution in this field of Christian literature – considered here from Tertullian to Ferrand of Carthage -, one studies first its biblical and ancient sources on this question, then its medieval posterity. To what extent does this tradition of thought testify to a renewal of perceptions of justice, divine as well as human, and injustice? Which marks has it in turn left on representations of justice in the medieval world, whether it is expressed in treatises, or in the literature of fiction? This volume is at the confluence of classical studies, biblical studies and patristic, medieval literature and philosophy. »